Stipendia na letošní International Cartographic Conference (ICC) ve Florencii


Třicátá mezinárodní kartografická konference se letos koná v italském městě Florencie.

Uzávěrka příjmu žádostí na stipendia Mezinárodní kartografické asociace ICA na podporu mladších profesionálů, vědců a vědkyň mají posunutý termín pro přijetí příspěvků a abstraktů do 13. července 2021.


The International Cartographic Association (ICA) will consider applications for grants to support individuals in advancing their career in cartography and GIScience to the benefit of the ICA community.

ICA scholarships for early career scientists or professionals in cartography and GIScience can be used to participate in official ICA events (International Cartographic Conferences, Regional Cartographic Conferences, or events organized by ICA Commissions.

These Guidelines and Criteria provide the context and procedures that apply to those seeking grant funding. Applicants should elaborate their qualifications for participation as detailed as possible and submit their proposal together with the obligatory documentation in due time to the ICA Secretary-General Thomas Schulz.

Scholarships and categories

The goal of these grants is to stimulate young scientists or professionals to direct their careers toward fundamental studies in the fields of Cartography and GISciences.

ICA distinguishes three type of events. Consideration for each event is either in-person or virtual. The funding amounts below assume in-person attendance. Funding for a virtual event is prorated relative to event costs such as registration.

1. Participation in the biennial International Cartographic Conference (ICC)

This scholarship has a maximum of €1,000 (or €1,500 when the applicant is from a non-developed member nation).

Requirement: proof of active participation (paper/poster submission, acceptance and participation).

2. Participation in an event organized by an ICA Commission

This scholarship has a maximum of €500 (or €750 when the applicant is from a non-developed member nation).

Requirement: support letter from a commission chair (paper/poster submission, acceptance and participation, if applicable).

3. Participation in an ICA Regional Cartographic Conference

This scholarship has a maximum of €500 (or €750 when the applicant is from a non-developed member nation).

Requirement (1): The regional cartographic conference must be recognized by the ICA and approved by the ICA Executive Committee based on published criteria (https://icaci.org/regional-cartographic-conferences/).

Requirement (2): proof of active participation (paper/poster submission, acceptance and participation).

Formal requirements

In addition, all applicants need to provide:

  • applicant name, address, e-mail, CV, publication list (where applicable);
  • form of participation: in-person or virtual;
  • a short 150-word statement explaining how they meet the criteria, why ICA should award the applicant and what benefit they expect to gain from the scholarship;
  • proof of the applicant’s most recent year’s education or degree;
  • letter of support from the ICA National Delegate of the respective current country of residence and/or the current affiliate institution of the applicant;

Complete submissions of applications shall be sent directly to the ICA Secretary-General.

Evaluation Criteria and Process

The ICA Executive Committee (EC) recommendations for funding will be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • The priority given to the activity category by the ICA EC.
  • Relevance of the statement to ICA missions and activities, especially in respect to ICA Commission activities.
  • Academic and/or professional performance of the applicant.
  • Regional needs for skilled, experienced professionals.
  • Enhancement of international cooperation objectives of the ICA.
  • The application contains all specified information.

The ICA EC will act as Evaluation Committee and shall recommend to the Secretary-General and Treasurer of ICA those applicants qualified for grant funding. The Secretary-General and Treasurer can reject applications if ICA funds for scholarships are not sufficient and exceeding the approved ICA budget for the current term.

The ICA Treasurer will pay the given scholarship amount at or after the ICA event (money transfer). No pre-payment is possible.

Deadline of Applications

  • Six months prior to the event.
  • Deadline for applications ICC 2021: 13 July 2021

Decisions will be made within two months after these deadlines.


In case of questions, please contact ICA Secretary-General Thomas Schulz.


A list of previous awardees can be found at icaci.org/ica-scholarship-awardees.


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