Co si můžete přečíst v novém vydání International Journal of Cartography


Druhé letošní vydání magazínu International Journal of Cartography je k dispozici online. Speciál nese podtitul „Cartographers write about Cartography“.

Obsah vydání International Journal of Cartography 2/2021

    • Editorial: Cartographers Write About Cartography by William Cartwright, Anne Ruas and Kenneth Field
    • The Heart of the Grand Canyon by Tom Patterson
    • OCTOPUS MAPPING one of the MADMAPS: NATO Octopus, control over the weapons’ sales by Christine Zanin and Nicolas Lambert
    • The Mediterranean Basin Map Designed by Michel Morel by Anne Ruas
    • Peeling back the layers of a school wall map: Brunhes-Deffontaines “France Forestière” by Nicholas Chrisman
    • The Unicorn of Map Projections by Sarah Battersby
    • Reinhard Maack and the Brandberg (Namibia) by Imre Demhardt
    • Linear and Painterly Expression in Topographic Works of Art during the Enlightenment by Beata Medyńska-Gulij
    • Unveiling Southern Africa: John Barrow’s Map of 1801 by Elri Liebenburg
    • Reorienting the Narrative: Chapin Jr.’s “Red China” Map by Ian Muehlenhaus
    • The Geologic Map of the Cassini Quadrangle on the Moon: Planetary Cartography Between Science, Efficacy and Cartographic Aesthetics by Andrea Naß and Stephan van Gasselt
    • Revealing the value of geospatial information with isochrone maps for improving the management of heart attacks in South Africa by Serena Coetzee, Lourens Snyman and Rhena Delport
    • Map as biography: maps, memory, and landscape – thoughts on Ordnance Survey map, Sheet TR04, 1:25,000 Provisional Edition, Ashford. by Peter Vujakovic
    • Interactive Videodiscs: Beginnings of Multimedia and Catalyst for Multimedia Cartography by William Cartwright
    • The best map ever? by Menno-Jan Kraak
    • Cartography Is Here. [full stop] by Igor Drecki
    • My first Atlas by Carla Cristina Reinaldo Gimenes de Sena
    • Graphical-statistical Atlas of Switzerland, 1914 by Thomas Schultz
    • Matthew Picton’s Urban Narratives. Or how a three-dimensional paper map can beam you into the London bombing nights of 1940 by Thomas Streifeneder and Barbara Piatti
    • Seeing the “perfect world” through Heinrich Berann’s Panorama Maps of the Alps by Georg Gartner
    • The Soviet Military 1:10,000 City Plan of Dover, UK (1974) by Alexander Kent
    • Reflections on the creation of cartographic expression through the representation of elevation by Takashi Morita
    • Separating fact from fiction: the mythology of cartographic icons by Kenneth Field
    • Measuring geodetic baselines in Spain during the 1850’s by Andrés Arístegui
    • MapQuest and the beginnings of Web Cartography by Michael Peterson

Některé z článků jsou volně přístupné, pro některé si budete muset zaplatit předplatné, resp. vstup do open access systému časopisu.


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