Výzva EU: 200 milionů korun na projekty

Česká asociace pro geoinformace rozeslala zprávu o sedmé projektové výzvě CIP ICT PSP. K dispozici je 200 milionů korun a jako součást širších řešení jsou geoinformace.

Hledají se inovativní geoaplikace a služby nad daty veřejného sektoru (7 mil. EUR) a systematicky se utřiďuje se změť dat a informací v otevřených datech napříč unii (standardy – 1 mil. EUR ).

Přečtěte si také PDF s kompletní výzvou. (lokální kopie výzvy na GeoBusinessu).

The last call of the CIP ICT PSP programme will open on 22 December 2012. The Work Programme for 2013 is available here.  The Call is planned to close on 14 May 2013 at 17:00 CET.

ICT PSP Work Programme for 2013 is available here:

Full details of the call will appear on the Participant Portal, under the „Funding“ tab when the call will be published on 22 December 2012.

The themes open in 2013 ICT PSP call are the following:

Theme 1: Cloud of public services and smart cities

1.1: Cloud of public services

1.2: Smart, sustainable mobility

1.3: Preparing PPI on resource efficient data centres for smart cities

Theme 2: Digital content, open data and creativity

2.1: Europeana and creativity (including enriching and improving Europeana, coordinating Europeana, and promoting the use of Europeana by creative industries)

2.2: Open data

2.3: ICT for learning

2.4: Digital content technologies for a better internet for kids

2.5: eArchiving services

Theme 3: ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion

3.1: Preparing large scale deployment of targeted services to support active and healthy ageing

3.2: Supporting innovative solutions in eHealth, assisted living and for mobility (in particular through PPI)

3.3: Networking for health, ageing well and inclusion

3.4: Assisted mobility/navigation for older or impaired users

3.5: Biophotonics solutions for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease

Theme 4: Trusted eServices

4.1: Protection of Web site against attacks

4.2: Security for networked infrastructure

4.3: Secure and trustworthy reporting of malware and suspected cybercrime

Theme 5: Open objective for Innovation and other actions

5.1: Open objective for Innovation

5.2: Support to advance Corporate Social responsibility

5.3: Support to the Grand Coalition for ICT jobs

For more information, please contact the National Contact Points for ICT PSP in your country. The list of National Contact Points is available here.

Doporučujeme pozornost kapitole 2.2, věnované problematice „open data“.

Objective 2.2: Open Data
Public sector information represents a major digital content resource for innovative applications and services.
The objective is supported by two distinct target outcomes and corresponding funding instruments.

– Geographic Information (GI) is an important component of Public Sector Information. GI is not only a primary source of data, but also an important means for creating innovative services. Based on the work already accomplished across
the EU, the role of GI as a motor for growth and jobs through the creation of innovative information products and services can be further enhanced.

– One of the main obstacles is the lack of agreed interoperability standards. The aim of the objective is therefore also to help the relevant stakeholders reach CIP ICT PSP work programme 2013 25 consensus on technical standards and to complement and consolidate the existing/ongoing initiatives in the domain.

Obj 2.2.a: Open Data experimentation and innovation building on geographic information
Funding instrument: Pilot B – It is intended to support several pilot for up to 7 M€ of total EU contribution

Focus and outcomes
The aim is to stimulate innovation and business activities around GI data (including large dynamic European datasets such as GMES data) and solutions enhanced by locationbased services building on, amongst other sources, existing and upcoming Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including GALILEO.

The pilots should focus on the development of virtual hubs that facilitate the use of open (freely available) geographic data from different sources for the creation of innovative applications and services. The hubs should be at the basis of concrete experiments that clearly identify and provide solutions for real world problems and/or address market opportunities. The proposed solutions may also include volunteered geographic information and may address the specificity of real-time generated data.

Conditions and characteristics

– Proposals should build on state-of-the-art technologies and describe in detail the scientific/ technological innovation that it intends to bring to the market.
– Solutions should lead to an easier discoverability and use of geographic information available for use in innovative applications and services, and where possible draw together datasets from different sources.
– The solutions proposed shall be validated and tested by the appropriate user communities.
– In relation to the volunteered geographic information, proposals shall clarify how they intend to address the incentives for private companies and citizens to provide the information and possible methods of predicting its accuracy. In addition, any related privacy concerns should be addressed appropriately.

Expected impact
– Increase substantially the exploitation opportunities for open GI
– Facilitate market entry of new companies, and the development of innovative services

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