Firma PrecisionHawk získala 32 milionů dolarů na vytvoření nové dronové služby


Americká firma PrecisionHawk oznámila, že od investorů získala 32 milionů dolarů na vytvoření nové generace software a služeb pro drony. Firma provozuje platformu PrecisionAnalytics, která využívá strojového učení pro analýzu leteckých snímků. Získané finanční prostředky od investorů Millennium Technology Value Partners, Third Point Ventures a Eastward Capital Partners použije na vytvoření nové generace PrecisionAnalytics.

Firma PrecisionHawk na svém webu uvedla:

“This is an exciting time at PrecisionHawk and the commercial drone industry overall as adoption of drones continues to grow,” said Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk. “Our unique software and services deliver incredible value to our customers, equipping them with the highest level of aerial intelligence to meet their current and future asset management and operating needs. We are pleased with this latest round of funding which will help us better address this surging demand, particularly in the energy and agriculture markets, and lead us into sustained profitability and growth.”

Some of the world’s largest organizations — including five of the top 10 utility companies, the largest provider of communications infrastructure in the United States, and the “Big Six” providers of seed and agricultural chemicals — work with us to strengthen their operations using drone technology. From managing asset inventory to measuring the health of telecommunications towers, electricity distribution lines or even crops, our drone-based solutions are helping visionary business leaders change the way work gets done.





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