Nové verze softwarů PROJ a PROJ-data pro práci se souřadnicovými systémy


Vývojáři stojící za oblíbeným open sourcovým softwarem PROJ, který se používá na transformace souřadnic, oznámili vydání PROJ 9.0.0 a PROJ-data 1.9.

Nově je pro kompletaci podporován pouze CMake.
Balíčky PROJ-data nově zahrnují gridy pro polský ETRF2000-PL, norské námořní gridy a belgický model geoidu hBG18.

Novinky, změny a opravy chyb v PROJ 9.0.0

9.0.0 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

o Support for the autotools build system has been removed (#3027)
See RFC7 for details:


o Database updates:

+ ESRI projection engine db to version 12.9 (#2943)

+ EPSG v10.054 (#3051)

+ Vertical grid files for PL-geoid-2011, Polish geoid model (#2960)

+ Belgian geoid model hBG18 to grid alternatives (#3044)

o Add new option to proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj method to force +over on
transformation operations (#2914)

o Specify CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH for macOS; use -rpath LDFLAGS for tests (#3009)

o Implement Geographic3D to Depth/Geog2D+Depth as used by ETRS89 to CD Norway
depth (#3010)

o Allow PROJ_LIB paths wrapped with double quotes (#3031)

o Use external gtest by default when possible (#3035)

o CMake: make BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON the default even on Windows (#3042)

o proj.ini: add a ‚ca_bundle_path‘ variable (#3049)

Bug fixes

o Fix extremely long parsing time on hostile PROJ strings (#2968)

o CMake: fix warning with external googletest (#2980)

o proj_get_crs_info_list_from_database(): report PJ_TYPE_GEODETIC_CRS for
IAU_2015 -ocentric geodetic CRS (#3013)

o peirce_q: rename +type parameter wrongly introduced in 8.2.1 to +shape (#3014)

o Set more precise error code for parsing errors in proj_create() (#3037)

o createOperations(): fix transformations from/to a BoundCRS of a
DerivedGeographicCRS coming from WKT (#3046)

o Better deal with importing strings like ‚+init=epsg:XXXX +over‘ (#3055)

o Fix importing CRS definition with +proj=peirce_q and +shape different from
square or diamond (#3057)

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